samedi, décembre 08, 2007

Nouvelles acquisitions à la Chaire

Bonjour, je vous signale que la CDACI possède deux nouveaux livres :
  • Corporate Truth : The limits to Transparency (2006) : In the corporate jungle inhabited by Enrons and WorldComs, a lack of transparency is the root of all scandal, yet delivering transparency seems immensely difficult with the often competing interests of shareholders, corporate boards, government regulators, and other stakeholders. Written by noted corporate social responsibility practitioner Adrian Henriques and drawing on a vast wealth of real-life examples from the commercial world, this lively business book goes in search of the appropriate limits of transparency. From commercial confidentiality to the ethics of marketing to lobbying and corporate corruption, the author addresses the position, significance, and limits of transparency in modern corporate life and works through the dilemmas that the increasing calls for transparency present. From the secrets of the board room to the struggles of NGOs, transparency is a persistent challenge–how much is enough? How much do we need? How do we do it? This book, ideally suited to business leaders and managers, consultants and business students alike addresses these questions and more.
  • The Civil Corporation (2001) : Explores how far businesses can and should improve their social and environmental performance, arguing that corporate citizenship emerges from the "New Economy" dynamics, and relating it to learning, knowledge and innovation....
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