lundi, février 20, 2012

Numéro spécial de la Law and Contemporary Problems

Le volume 74 de la Law and Contemporary Problems (winter 2011) consacre un numéro spécial au 60ème anniversaire du Model Business Corporation Act (MBCA). C'est tout de même quelque chose, vous en conviendrez aisément !
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Introduction : When we first considered assembling a compilation of articles in Law and Contemporary Problems to celebrate the 6 0 th Anniversary, we had no idea of the scope, scholarship, depth, and historical importance these articles would present-a real treasure trove. Moreover, and very importantly, they chart a course for future deliberations of the Committee on Corporate Laws to address. A number of themes emerge from these articles. A central theme is that there is nothing as constant as change. Since 1950, the MBCA has undergone constant revisions and, in many instances, been the leader or catalyst for improvement in corporate law. These articles reflect not only the history of the MBCA and its achievements, but carefully analyze the relationship of the MBCA with Delaware Corporate Law and the American Law Institute's Principles of Corporate Governance. There are obvious differences in these three, but the articles demonstrate that these tensions are both healthy and drive each to strive for greater effectiveness. The contrast between statutory specificity and judge-made corporate law are also examined and the positive and negative aspects of each dissected (...).
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