mardi, avril 27, 2010

ECGI General Assembly in Luxembourg 7 May 2010

Mes collègues de l'ECGI m'informe que l'assemblée générale aura lieu le 7 mai 2010 à l'Université du Luxembourg.
ECGI's 2010 Dinner, General Assembly and Annual Lecture will take place in Luxembourg on 6-7 May. On Friday 7 May, the General Assembly and Annual Lecture will be held at the University of Luxembourg. ECGI Fellow, Professor Patrick Bolton, Barbara and David Zalaznick Professor of Business, Columbia Business School, will give the Annual Lecture on the theme of Rewarding Illusory Alpha: Governance and the Crisis. The dinner will take place the night before at the offices of ArcelorMittal in Luxembourg.
Rendez-vous sur le site internet de l'ECGI pour prenre toutes les informations utiles.
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