mercredi, novembre 12, 2008

Conférence de l'Euroconvention

Bonjour, je vous donne cette information sur une conférence de Euroconvention sur le financement en Russie ... The project finance market in Russia - including PPP routes and Municipal/Regional infrastructure development - has grown substantially over the last two years. Despite the current economic slowdown, St. Petersburg and the whole Russian North Western Region continue to provide exciting opportunities by any present-day standards. Indeed, that is where the best prospects exist for investors, banks, international wealth funds, legal and consulting businesses, as well as for the Russian players in this field of activity. It is all about adapting to new circumstances, considering new sources and methods of funding, and putting new ideas on the table. This 2-day Forum offers a comprehensive and up-to-date briefing on public infrastructure finance in this Region of Russia, where Government, Municipal and quasi-Government decision makers can meet with their counterparts at the highest level from a wide range of Countries.

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