mardi, avril 01, 2008

Nouvelles publications

La newsletter de la maison d'édition Earthscan nous apprend la sortie de deux nouveaux ouvrages qui pourraient intéresser certaines lectrices et certains lecteurs de notre blogue.
  • Rationality and the Environment Decision-making in Environmental Politics and Assessment, by Bo Elling : A powerful and revolutionary examination of the ethical and aesthetic failings of contemporary approaches to environmental management, assessment and decision making (cliquez ici) ;
  • Uncertainty and Risk Multidisciplinary Perspectives, by Gabriele Bammer and Michael Smithson : In this thorough and wide-ranging volume, theoretical perspectives are drawn from art history, complexity science, economics, futures, history, law, philosophy, physics, psychology, statistics and theology (cliquez ici).
A la prochaine ...

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