samedi, octobre 18, 2008

Conférence sur le reporting et la communication

Bonjour à toutes et à tous, je vous informe que se tiendra à Londres les 25 et 26 novembre 2008 le 2ème colloque annuel Annual CR Reporting and Communications Summit : How to deliver a powerful message and engage key stakeholders organisé par Ethical Corporation Conferences.

Voici le résumé du colloque : In the race to become the greenest, most sustainable company, corporate responsibility reporting is no longer optional. The focus is now on how you report and to whom – as shown by stakeholders’ ever increasing demand for sustainability reports to be both qualitative and readable. However, this type of reporting is only a few decades old and still in the making. So, the question is, how do you deliver effective (and accurate) CR reports and successfully communicate it to all your stakeholders ?
This year’s summit has been mainly designed to help you address this very question, with the insight of CR reporting best practices. And based on months of research with your peers, we will be covering the following issues :
  • Overview of GRI vs. other reporting standards
  • Materiality
  • Data Gathering/tools
  • innovation
  • Investor expectations
  • How to make your report readable and worth the effort
  • Rating agencies: where do you stand ?
  • Transparency
  • What is the value of your report ?
  • What does the future hold for CR reporting ?
  • Verification/assurance
  • How to deliver a complex message to a multi-stakeholder audience/stakeholder engagement
  • Global vs. local – the challenge of large international companies
  • Supply chain management
  • How to take your CR reports to a wider audience
  • Employee engagement
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