mercredi, juin 03, 2009

Divulgation de la rémunération: la SEC envisage étendre l'obligation

Le Wall Street Journal nous informe aujourd'hui (ici) que la SEC envisage étendre l'obligation de divulgation de la rémunération au-delà des hauts dirigeants afin d'informer le public de l'effet de la rémunération sur la prise de décision, notamment la gestion des risques:

The proposal is part of a review of executive-pay policies at the SEC and other agencies addressing practices that many believe led financial companies to take on too much risk. The SEC also may require companies to explain their ties to compensation consultants who often negotiate lavish pay packages for top executives.

Les détails ne sont pas encore connus, mais il semble que la SEC n'exigerait pas la divulgation précise de la rémunération

The proposals wouldn't require companies to say how much they pay these star performers, but they would have to disclose in more-general terms how lower-ranking employees are paid, especially when it affects the company's overall risk management. That would apply in particular to financial firms, where traders have received big bonuses for executing trades that put the entire company in danger.

Questions: peut-il y avoir trop d'information sur le marché relativement à la rémunération? Quel impact sur les responsabilités du conseil en cette matière?

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