lundi, février 21, 2011

De la lecture

Mon collègue et ami Yuri Biondi m'informe de la publication du premier numéro de Accounting, Economics, and Law ( C'est parti pour un peu de lectures très enrichissantes, mais en anglais (!).
Please find the list of all papers with their stable links :
- A Note on Accounting and Economic Theory: Past, Present, and Future (Martin Shubik :
- Risk, Speculation, and OTC Derivatives: An Inaugural Essay for Convivium (Lynn A. Stout :
- Administering Systemic Risk vs. Administering Justice: What Can We DoNow that We Have Agreed to Pay Differences? (Pierre-Charles M. Pradier :
- Disagreement-Based Trading and Speculation: Implications for Financial Regulation and Economic Theory (Yuri Biondi :
- Some Caution about Property Rights as a Recipe for Economic Development (David Kennedy :
- Legal Form and Economic Substance of Enterprise Groups: Implications for Legal Policy (Kurt A. Strasser and Phillip Blumberg :
- Avoid Automatic Piercing: A Comment on Blumberg and Strasser (Nicholas L. Georgakopoulos :
- The Legal Structure of the Firm (Jean-Philippe Robé :
- Taxation as Regulation: Carbon Tax, Health Care Tax, Bank Tax and OtherRegulatory Taxes (Reuven S. Avi-Yonah :
- The Pure Logic of Accounting: A Critique of the Fair Value Revolution (Yuri Biondi :
- Imagined Worlds of Accounting (Shyam Sunder :
- Cost Basis: Accounting’s “Samson’s Tresses” (William A. Terrill :

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