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Réflexion sur la finance et publication d'un membre de la Chaire

Bonjour à toutes et à tous, je vous signale la parution de cet ouvrage : "Finance and Sustainability: Towards a New Paradigm? A Post-crisis Agenda (Critical Studies on Corporate Responsibility, Governance and Sustainability)" sous la direction de William Sun, Celine Louche et Roland Perez (ici). Alors que Stéphane, le CDACI et la Chaire sortent de l'organisation d'un beau colloque sur le risque (colloque qui a permis de réunir les membres du réseau transatlantique Risque, droit et entreprises), cet ouvrage permettra de compléter utilement les réflexions en cours.

A noter que dans ce livre, j'ai eu l'opportunité de publier une analyse sur la RSE et ses interactions européennes et nord-américaines : CSR and “Best Interests of the Corporation”: New Purpose for Corporations and Managers? A Comparative View ...
I. Introduction
1. Finance and Sustainability: Exploring the Reality We Are Making
William Sun, Céline Louche and Roland Pérez
II. Financial Capitalism and Corporate Social Responsibility: The Changing Reality
2. Towards a Fiduciary Capitalism Perspective on Business Ethics
James P. Hawley
3. “Corporate Social Responsibility”: A New Regulation of Capitalism? An Institutionalist Interpretative Framework of CSR, Based on the French Experience
Nicolas Postel, Sandrine Rousseau and Richard Sobel
4. CSR and “Best Interests of the Corporation”: New Purpose for Corporations and Managers? A Comparative View from North American and European Corporate Law
Ivan Tchotourian
III. Socially Responsible Investing: Mechanisms and Strategies in Reality Shaping
5. Changing the Dominant Convention: The Role of Emerging Initiatives in Mainstreaming ESG
Hager Jemel, Céline Louche and David Bourghelle
6. Activism in European Pension Funds: Exerting Pressure on Intermediaries
Frank Jan de Graaf and Matthew Haigh
7. Drivers of Socially Responsible Investment in the French Financial Market
Frédérique Déjean, Marie-Astrid Le Theule, Bruno Oxibar
8. The Experimental Approach to Trust in Socially Responsible Investment Funds
Marco Heimann, Sébastien Pouget, Étienne Mullet and Jean-François Bonnefon
IV. Sustainable Finance: In Search of Alternative Approaches
9. The Strategy and Fundamentals of Sustainable Finance Serving Sustainable Development
Pascal Glémain
10. In What Conditions Can Venture Capital and Social Justice Co-Exist? A Case Study of A French Venture Capital Fund Investing Ethically in Africa
Pascale Château Terrisse
11. Cooperative Finance and Sustainability after the Financial Crisis
Rania A. Azmi
12. Effects of Financialization on Restructuring and Sustainable Development Policy: The Accor Group Case
Juliette Arnal and Jocelyne Barreau
V. Financial Choice and Risk Management in a Complex World
13. Dynamic Systems, Matching Complexity, Contributions to Corporate Financial Choice
Zhi H. Wang and Stuart Horsburgh
14. The New Paradigm in Risk Management
Daniel Satchkov
15. Actual Risk Sharing Measurement in Islamic Banks
Toumi Kaouther, Viviani Jean Laurent, Belkacem Lotfi
16. Systemic Risk in Structured Finance: Lessons from the Ongoing Financial CrisisRoberto Violi

Résumé : The recent global financial crisis has indicated that the conventional dominant paradigm in finance developed since the 1950s is unable to cope with the problems of financial systems, financial markets, and behaviour of financial institutions, and failed to understand the proper role of finance in society and the economic system as a whole. Reflecting on the recent movements on corporate social responsibility, socially responsible investing and sustainable development, this volume goes further to examine the ongoing making of the financial reality towards social responsibility and sustainability, and aims at a better understanding of finance as a collective construct and embedded in societal context. Bringing together leading scholarly thinking, this collection opens new avenues of understating corporate social responsibility, examines mechanisms and strategies in shaping the reality of responsible finance, searches alternative approaches towards financial sustainability, and explores new thinking in coping with complex financial choice and financial risks. Moving away from the conventional financial paradigm, this volume demonstrates paradigm shifting in the financial world and provides fresh insights on how we may reshape the financial world to make a better society and to prevent any future financial crisis.
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