mardi, mars 27, 2012

SASE au MIT Boston : la Chaire y sera !

Bonjour, c'est une excellente nouvelle que je vous communique ce matin. Frédéric Grotino et moi-même présenterons un papier au colloque annuel du SASE - The Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (ici). Sur le site de mon collègue et ami Yuri Biondi, vous en saurez plus sur l'organisation, les intervenants, les sujets préentés (ici). Pour information, nous interviendrons dans le panel suivant : Corporate Governance and Regulation III - Emerging Issues sur le thème "Compensation of Managers: Where do we come from? Where are we going? A Comparative Lawyer’s View about a Corporate Social Irresponsibility".

Comprising the following network conferences and panels:

Network Conference on Accounting and Taxation
I - Accounting Perspectives
II - Legal Perspectives

Accounting standards and other financial regulations: What is global and what is local?

Accounting, Finance and Development: The socio-politic Fabric of Institutions

Authors meet Critics Sessions
- “The Embedded Firm. Corporate Governance, Labor, and Finance Capitalism” by Cynthia Williams and Peer Zumbansen
- “The Shareholder Value Myth: How Putting Shareholders First Harms Investors, Corporations, and the Public” by Lynn Stout

Cooperatives: Perspectives from accounting, economics and law

Network Conference on Corporate Governance and Regulation:
I - Regulating Transnational Companies (TNC)
II - Ownership and Society
III - Emerging Issues... il s'agit de notre panel !
IV - Accounting and Control

The Socio-Economics of Exchanges for SMEs: a Comparative Approach

Network Conference on The concept of Prudence in Economic Life and Regulation

The critique of agency theory and shareholder value: towards a richer theorization of corporate governance

Network Conference on Varieties of Financial Regulation:
I - Fair Value Accounting Regimes
II - Global Monetary Systems
III - Financial Regulation and Crises
IV- Financial Regulation Regimes
V - Banking and financial crises

A la prochaine...

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