jeudi, janvier 17, 2013

Conférence : Subsidies and Foreign Investments

Vous êtes conviés à la conférence du Pr Tomer Broude de l'Université hébraïque de Jerusalem portant sur le thème Subsidies and Foreign Investments; or Public Morals Exception to Economic Rules.

Voici le résumé de la conférence :
As substantive economic and social phenomena, international trade and investment are inextricably linked. Yet like twins separated at birth, for decades they have been regulated by discrete international legal systems. Despite the historic parting of their respective legal systems, international trade and investment are more closely tied to each other today than ever before, with a significant portion of international trade and investment flows occurring in global supply chains within transnational corporations. However, convergence between trade and investment law is piecemeal, lacking a unifying logic. Taking a relatively compartmentalized issue - the differential treatment of subsidies in trade and in investment - as a case in point, this essay will query whether the continued distinction between trade and investment law, derived from historical and political causes that are no longer relevant, is still justified, or whether it is time to seriously consider consolidating and reconceiving the two fields as one.
La conférence, organisée par mon collègue le Pr Jean-François Gaudreault-Desbiens, a lieu le jeudi 24 janvier à 16h30 au local B-3280 du Pavillon Jean-Brillant de l'Université de Montréal.

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