mardi, mars 25, 2008

Décision BCE : remise en cause de Peoples ?

Je signale à toutres nos lectrices et à tous nos lecteurs que la Cour Supérieure du Québec a rendu le 7 mars 2008 une décision qui intéresse le thème de l'intérêt social.
La décision récente de la Cour Supérieure du Québec BCE Inc. (BCE Inc. (Arrangement relative à), (2008) QCCS 905 CANLII) précise que les obligations fiduciaires du administrateurs d’une société faisant l’objet d’une offre publique d’achat est de maximiser la seule valeur actionnariale.
Le § 203 indique que : « Contrary to the views expressed by the Contesting Debentureholders, the Court finds that the ruling in Peoples is not necessarily incompatible with the application of the Revlon Duty by the BCE Board in accepting Purchaser’s offer. Given all the circumstances, the Court is satisfied that the best interests of both BCE and Bell Canada, as well as those of its shareholders, are and will be served by the implementation of the Plan of Arrangement and the Definitive Agreement. The sole fact that the shareholders stand to benefit from the transaction while the debentureholders are prejudiced, in and of itself, does not give rise to a conclusion that the directors have not performed their fiduciary duties to the corporation in an appropriate manner ».
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