vendredi, mai 22, 2009

ECGI organise une manifestation sur le thème : Corporate governance and crises

ECGI, 22 mai 2009 - L'ECGI organise une manifestation scientifique d'ampleur au Luxembourg sur les rapports entre le corporate governance et la crise actuelle. Cette conférence aura lieu le 18 juin 2009 en après-midi (ici) et est organisée autour de l'événement que constitue la mise en place officielle d'un partenariat de grande ampleur entre l'ECGI et l'Université du Luxembourg.
Over this period, the ECGI’s activities have been funded by membership subscriptions and by fees for research and training projects commissioned by third parties. Having laid the foundation for the establishment of an institution of unsurpassed academic excellence and policy relevance, the ECGI Board, supported by its members, has been involved in detailed discussions with a number of parties with a view to creating a Research Foundation with sufficient additional resources to fund an institution with a physical as well as an intellectual presence and a research agenda that will further guide policy in Europe over the current century. This is especially relevant in the current economic and business climate where issues of corporate governance have assumed a higher importance in the political policy agenda.
The ECGI has found in the University of Luxembourg a strategic partner with the initiative, expertise and resources to help achieve these challenging goals. The agreement to be signed in Luxembourg on Thursday, 18th June 2009 sets out the details of this new strategic partnership including both administrative and financial arrangements for a fund-raising campaign and the ongoing management and administration of the Foundation and the ECGI itself.

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