vendredi, janvier 27, 2012

ESMA : Rapport sur les agences de notation

L'ESMA vient de publier son premier rapport annuel sur l'application de la réglementation en matière d'agences de notation. Devant commenter ce rapport pour la revue Bulletin Joly Bourse, Je vous renvoie en guise d'introduction aux lignes essentiels de ce rapport que je vous mets ici :
This report presents how ESMA and competent authorities dealt with the assessment of the completeness and compliance of the CRA applications. CRAs have had to carry out significant changes to their organisational structures and procedures in order to fulfil all registration requirements. Section III.II(d) of this report explains how CRAs have adapted to the requirements set out in Annex I of the Regulation. From 1 July 2011, ESMA has been entrusted with the exclusive responsibility for the registration and supervision of CRAs in the EU. Section IV of this report covers the supervisory actions carried out by ESMA in the course of 2011 and its assessment of staffing and resource needs. Section V reports on the implementation of CEREP, the aggregated credit ratings database accessible to the public, which will go live in January 2012. A description of ESMA´s policy work in 2011 is included in section VI of this report. Finally, section VII informs on the work carried out by ESMA regarding the assessment of third country regimes under the endorsement and certification provisions in the CRA Regulation.
Pour accéder à ce rapport, cliquez ici.
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