jeudi, février 09, 2012

Allez vers le développement durable : bonne mesure et incitation pertinente au programme

Deux invités exceptionnels de Syndicate Project (Jacob Zuma et Tarja Halonen) publient une tribune dans Les É intitulé "Seizing Sustainable Development" (ici). "The world is on an unsustainable path, and must urgently chart a new course forward, one that brings equity and environmental concerns into the economic mainstream. To do so, we must put sustainable development into practice now, not in spite of the economic crisis, but because of it".
Voici quelques extraits percutants et parlants : "(...) Our task is clear: propose how to provide greater opportunity for more people with less impact on our planet. (...) It stated that durable economic growth, social equality, and environmental sustainability are mutually interdependent. Human well-being depends on their integration. (...) Our planet is approaching, and even exceeding, scientific tipping points. This has serious implications for how we manage the global commons – and for reducing poverty: if developing countries are to realize their legitimate growth aspirations, they will need more time, as well as financial and technological support, to make the transition to sustainability. (...) So, how do we begin to tackle the massive challenge of retooling our global economy, preserving the environment, and providing greater opportunity and equity, including gender equality, to all? The Panel’s report, Resilient People, Resilient Planet, offers suggestions. First, we need to measure and price what matters. The marketplace needs to reflect the full ecological and human costs of economic decisions and establish price signals that make transparent the consequences of action – and inaction. Pollution – including carbon emissions – must no longer be free. (...) Second, we must put science at the center of sustainability. (...) Science must point the way to more informed and integrated policy-making, including on climate change, biodiversity, ocean and coastal management, water and food scarcities, and planetary “boundaries”. (...) Third, we need to provide incentives to take the long view. The tyranny of the urgent is never more absolute than during tough times. We need to place long-term thinking above short-term demands, both in the marketplace and at the polling place. (...) Governments should develop a post-2015 set of universally applicable Sustainable Development Goals that can galvanize long-term action beyond electoral cycles. Fourth, we should prepare for a rough ride ahead, because extreme weather, resource scarcity, and price volatility have become the “new normal.” (...) Fifth, it is crucial to value equity as opportunity."

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