samedi, avril 21, 2012

Buffette et les informations médicales des dirigeants

Bonjour à toutes et à tous, amusant cet article de presse sur une initiative récente de Warren Buffett en matière d'informations à divulguer aux actionnaires. Le problème est à l'heure actuelle simple : que faire lorsqu'il s'agit d'information touchant des problèmes cardiaques ? 
"A tough test for CEOs and companies is when to disclose adverse health events. CEOs of major companies are public figures, and significant changes in their health status are "material" events requiring disclosure under the securities laws, because the information would influence an investors decision to buy or sell the stock. (...) The practices on CEO health disclosures are inconsistent, although the trend, Jobs to the contrary, has been to disclose. Nonetheless, despite many requests that the SEC clarify what disclosure is required in this area, it has chosen not to do so. It should, with some minimum standards for all publicly held companies. When a CEO or other vital leader has a significant illness or disability, it is a very significant corporate event. (...) In any event, companies are free to develop their own approaches to such disclosure. All companies should anticipate such an event. (...) And all should be prepared to address the sequence of questions Buffett answered in his short shareholder letter."
Pour voir l'information que Warren Buffett était prêt à divulguer aux actionnaires, cliquez ici.
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