samedi, avril 21, 2012

Information de dernière minute : les investeurs se rebellent - la preuve par "les affaires"

Par ce temps de pluie qui règne à Québec, continuons les lectures de gouvernance bien entendu ! Pourquoi pas cet article du Financial Times publié hier : "Shareholders lose patience on bankers' pay - Unresponsive boards set to face newly galvanised investors".
Voir aussi cet article publiè il y a peu sur l'afaire Barclays - "Investors force Barclays to set tougher bonus conditions; Shareholder victory follows Citi revolt" : Shareholders in Barclays have forced the British bank to accept tougher bonus conditions and promise higher dividends, highlighting how the balance of power between investors and managers is shifting at some of the biggest global banks. The investor victory follows a shock vote in the US on Tuesday when 55 per cent of shareholders in Citigroup refused to back the $15m remuneration package for Vikram Pandit, chief executive. After a series of bruising meetings with Barclays' biggest shareholders over the past few weeks, Bob Diamond, chief executive, volunteered yesterday to forgo half his pound(s)2.7m bonus for 2011 until Barclays had improved profitability. The concession came a week before what was expected to be a stormy annual meeting at which some of Barclays' leading owners had threatened to oppose its multimillion-pound executive pay scheme.
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